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The School Run: A BAME Educational Radio Hub

A Radio Educational Hub for Students, Teachers and Parents 

clink the following link for resources and the latest podcast for download. 

The project is curated by the Kashmiri Arts & Heritage Foundation in collaboration with Birmingham City Council,  Birmingham Children’s Partnership and Unity FM, to pool resources and skills to create an educational hub for BAME and other groups that have been effected by the Covid -19 lockdown.   A team of professionals have been recruited to manage, produce, and create educational hub shows and resources to help parents and students through this most difficult time.

School Supply

Helping BAME

Children Achieve 

The rational behind the project

“The School Run – a radio educational hub” is a weekly family educational radio show where parents, educators and of course students discuss and share lockdown covid-19 home schooling stories. The show will also feature discussions containing advice for parents and youngsters studying at home, home schooling, essential great resources for parents on lockdown and shared stories of those suffering a disrupted academic year. The show is an essential fun filled educational hub for young families in the local area.
Resources will be added to site as the series continues.
The show will be aired from July 2020 to September 2020. It will air on 93.5 Unity FM as a permanent weekly slot pencilled in to take place at 6pm. Unity 93.5 FM  is one of Birmingham’s biggest community radio stations reaching over 100,000 listeners from Birmingham’s BAME community.

Afterschool Activities

Who does “The School Run” aim to help?

The project will seek to benefit all young families in the region with children that are currently experience the lockdown disruption.  The project will also focus on the BAME community who has suffered considerably during Covid-19 crisis and BAME households have been effected disproportionally. The show also aims to offer advice and assistance to parents and provide practical support to households.
Many parents and students have had to adapt with the current crisis. Often with having to home school for the first time. Home schooling for many thousands of households has become the new normal. The project aims to be a resource and hub to families in the area. The show also aims to offer advice and assistance to parents in this hard to reach community.

Radio Show
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